Hi Everybody !

Well, here’s my story: My name’s Tom, I’m French and I’m a big fan of music. That’s why I decided to start this blog. I’d like to share my passion and to open my mind to each of you. So, I write it in English so as everyone to understand me. And…I have to say that is a language I love.

Anyway, welcome to Music’s in my Soul! This will be a blog about music as you guess. Every artist I like will be featured in it. questoes de concurso I’ll present and review any album, song or single I found interesting. I’ll do my best, so I hope you’ll like it.

Oh! I almost forget something important : If you noticed some mistakes, please, it would be nice to say it to me. I’m sorry but I’m not an English fluent speaker.


Rob Pattinson…

Let’s start with an artist who’s better-known for acting Edward Cullen in the film adaptation of Twilight, rather than for his singer skills. However, I have to talk about him because he’s obviously good at music: Rob plays guitar, piano, and composes his own songs.
He appears as a singer on the Twilight soundtrack with two songs: Never think and Let me Sign. That’s what I’m going to talk about today.

Never think is a very folksy ballad. The acoustic guitar and laid-back vocals create a solemn and deep atmosphere that kept growing in me since I listened to it. Rob Pattinson’s bluesy singing is absolutely great and emotive, a bit weak though. Anyway, this track is such an intense love song that it completely leaves me wanting for nothing.

Let me Sign is another amazing acoustic track! It’s very slow to start and builds up note by note with very distant guitars and strings. Rob Pattinson’s voice is so unique, mature and heart-rending here that he really makes me sorrowful. It’s a joy to hear though. He really renders the melodramatic tension that the music seems to express.

I really like these songs and I hope you too. I think that Rob is really gifted for music and I do hope he’ll continue that way. He may have to start a solo career just to see what is able to do. Anyway, the Twilight Soundtrack has already sold 2 millions copies worldwide ^^

Colbie Caillat…

Today, I wanna talk about a Californian talented artist: Colbie Caillat. Thanks to the internet, her first album Coco was a big success last summer in the United States of America. Recently, I had the opportunity to listen to her songs and it was only a pleasure.
Colbie Caillat
Her album is like a refreshing and sugary drinking on a breeze summer day . It’s really pleasant to hear, simple and soothing. Her compositions are perfect for relaxing and dreaming on a warm afternoon. Colbie Caillat talks about everyday life, romantic relationships in a very innocent way. Everything seems easier when you listen to her songs.

The album begins with a folk-pop ballad “Oxygen”. The melody is quite simplistic and enjoyable with some acoustic guitar notes over a simple bass. Colbie’s honeyed voice is really easy to listen to. I like the way she sings. “Bubbly” is another love song that flows lightly and simply. Colbie’s singing is breathtakingly sweet and beautiful. She rendered very closely what the feelings of a woman in love could be.
“The Little Things” and “Midnight Bottle” sound very similar to the cprevious songs. There are the same breathy vocals, the same acoustic guitar. Colbie Caillat’s weakness starts to appear here: her songs are good but completely unmemorable. They are a bit repetitive and could even be boring…
Another generic summer song: “Calpri”. It is calming, smoothie, a bit slower though. It sounds nice with a more homelike atmosphere. “Realize” is surely the most amazing track on this album. Colbie’s vocals are great: they sound strong and sweet at the same time. These different tones adopted by the singer make the song unforgettable and unique. It’s a bit repetitive but it keeps growing on my mind, leaving me quiet .
The album’s sound slightly changes with “One Fine Fire” and “Feeling show”: it is more upbeat thanks to a stronger bass line. However, the songs are always fairly repetitive and rudimentary. That’s probably why these tunes never appealed to me as much. Colbie is more familiar when she sings but that’s not enough to remember these tracks.
Some tracks like Magic are really expressive and sunny. The song has Colbie’s typical acoustic guitar sound, but the way she sings sensually and lustfully makes this ballad unique and gorgeous. Colbie’s vocals are perfect here. “Tied Down” is a good song thanks to the way the guitar is picked. It really sounds congenial and dynamic, quite different from the previous tracks.
I enjoy the mix of various guitar sounds there is in “Taylor Made”. The melody is really interesting to listen to. Colbie’s singing is good too… but it could have been better. Indeed, I don’t feel anything at all when I hear her voice. It remains listenable though…At last,” Battle “ is pleasant to listen due to its piano opening. The strings use create a dark and gloomy atmosphere. It sounds like summer is ending…